Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is 11 year old Nathan. He is one of the boys the Katanga province justice department brought to us 2 months ago. He had spent 1 month in adult jail for picking up a plastic bag he found by the side of the road. He was brought to us because no family had come to look for him.
Three days ago Michael went to the address Nathan gave him for his family. Michael was quite surprised to find the various aunts, uncles, children & other relatives angry at his even bring up Nathan's name. He'd been chased out (along with his twin brother) for being a witch. They believe the deaths in the family (including his mother's) were all caused by Nathan & his brother. This is a familiar reason for boys to be thrown out as the society tries to find a scape goat for the tragedies they face. I'm just glad he is with us enjoying playing, school and just being a boy.


Joy said...

I am so glad he's with you too! Is the twin brother there with you also? Wow, he's seen a lot in his eleven years.

Cassidy said...

He is so cute, go back and bring him over:)