Monday, January 19, 2009

Workers, teachers, members of the ministry.

Here are Misters Aaron (R) & Edward(L). That's Papa Michael in the middle (more on him later). Aaron is a pastor and teaches 6-7 boys in the first level class. He rides his bike for around an hour to get to work by 8 A.M. in the morning.

Edward has been teaching the boys since we first got into the house, Sept. of 2006. He has endured everything from having to use the 1st blackboard that was the back of a door, having some boys physically fight him or throw rocks at him and all that for a beginning 'wage' of $20 per month. He has been very faithful and has even surprised himself, I think, in how much he loves the boys. He teaches the 5 level class.

This is Lovey. Isn't she cute in her traditional Katanga fabric, Congolese outfit. I worried about her in the beginning because she is just as big as a minute but she doesn't back down to any of our sometimes rowdy guys. She teaches Kambala & Ada in 2nd level class and is also a student in the university.