Monday, November 30, 2009


This is the chubby Emmanuel. He can sing and sing. He knows many songs & has a very beautiful voice. Plus he loves to dance. He is in 3rd grade & does very well except when he is irritating the teacher... then he'll be kneeling somewhere while class continues. Through out the day it is very common to hear "EMMA"... meaning that someone is angry at him or irritated at him. He is not bothered and just argues back or goes on to the next place to create a stir. He drives me nuts... then comes back and flashes a smile that makes me forget what the problem was.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ministry of restoration

Michael & 5 of the boys went to a town near Lubumbashi to see if they could connect with the boys families. They were successful in finding Pascal's family. Unfortunately his mother had died the day they arrived, but his father was very glad to see him. He wept loudly upon seeing Pascal and prayed and thanked God.
(L to R) Shadrack, Michael, Mutombo, Dieu Merci, Joe & Pascal.

Hunger in Africa.

Here is a map showing the places where people are not getting enough to eat. The countries that are red are where the suffering is. Congo is the large country in the center of Africa. It was listed as second from the bottom of all nations in hunger. The report noted that 72% of the people in DRC do not receive enough food.