Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday afternoon.

Here is a picture from earlier this year (2009). I am just just hanging out with the boys, letting the clothes dry, waiting for food to cook, looking pretty cool in my African fabric skirt.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Brothers united

After 7 years of not seeing each other Yannick's (R) brother Andrew came to see him last month. They had been separated when their mother died & the extended family pretty much chased them away. Andrew was able to get our phone number after Michael & Yannick had visited the uncle's house and one of the uncle's children gave him the number. He was choked up when he first came in & saw his younger brother. They sat & talked about the difficulties they had experienced and Andrew was able to encourage Yannick to do well in school, listen to the people over him & to follow the Lord. Andrew leads a prayer group in his church & is on the worship team.


Here is Kamba. He is a wonderful comedian... and an expert at getting out of doing his chores.. or delaying to wash his clothes.
He will make you laugh & laugh... He's busy here making noise & is there under the tree blessing the checker game.